Cheers to New Beginnings!

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A Day for New Beginnings

Starting something new always holds a lot of hope and the promise of endless possibilities – it’s equally cheesy as it’s true. Who hasn’t dreamed about hitting the reset button on their lives, businesses, or creative projects, just to start fresh?

Personally, I’m a sucker for the blank slate. Empty calendars to make it MY year (lol). Blank walls and clean, open spaces to hear my own thoughts for once. Cracking open a new jar of Nutella before any other family member can dig their knife in. Crawling into the crisp, white sheets of a freshly made bed (or even better: the joys of a brand-new mattress – browser history: deleted 😇). Meeting at the recording studio to start writing a new album. The list goes on.

While any random moment in time can serve as a blank slate to start over, today might hold some special significance as we celebrate Ostara, honoring the spring goddess Eostre, and the Spring Equinox, an astronomical point of balance where day and night share equal lengths. This day feels so magical, so inspiring, oozing with symbolism and ideas of natural dualism, the reconciliation of polar opposites, light and darkness, the dynamic between life and death, and the promise of rebirth and juicy growth 😏

Not surprisingly, these tropes continue to find their way into literature, music, art, design, and therapy sessions all across the world. It makes man – awfully, deliciously, frighteningly – mad.

From Spring Equinox, March 20, until Summer Solstice, June 20, it’s the Season of Growth

If you have been dreaming and talking about putting yourself, your art, or your business out there for the past few weeks or even months, between now and midsummer is the perfect time to start, to take action, to do the very thing that needs to be done to move the needle, to channel whatever wants to manifest through you.

For me, that means starting to talk about my business online, although I’m scared to put myself out there professionally. What if someone finds out that I don’t have all the answers, that I’m not Moses coming down from Music Marketing Mountain?

There will always be The Committee lurking in the shadows, ready to throw themselves in the way of making and doing: Ego and FOMO and Fear of Failure, and Jealousy and Judgement, and Pain and Perfectionism and Procrastination, and Unsurmountable Sadness.

These bloody party poopers gaslight us into thinking that we love working behind the curtains exclusively, and that overthinking is the genius act of forging the ultimate strategy to bring the perfect circle from Mathachusetts into reality. All the steps. Considering all eventualities. And the trolls, too.

It‘s Action Jackson Time

But maybe it helps to embrace these fuckers, send some good riddance their way, and start anyway.

Because there are also all these really amazing traits and drivers inside of us, like genuine curiosity, creativity, empathy, inspiration, someone’s borderline wrong humor, and our very special, snowflakey set of skills and talents.🌟

Voltaire had it right when he said: “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good.”

And we have to remember that, taking action today, we don’t have to go extreme and suffer an action hangover for the next few days, painfully cringing over what we’ve done. Instead, and in the spirit of the Spring Equinox, let’s remind ourselves that the work lies in the act of balancing push and pull, light and dark, what we hide and what we show.

It demands a little bravery. Hold all your fucks close to your heart – and leap (maybe take a deep breath in before you do – it helps with screaming).

Cheers to the beginning of what I hope will turn into many meaningful conversations with and about us as players in the creative and cultural space!

May your projects be blessed and fertilized with hope, excitement, and bravery for the amazing results to come.✨🌱

Until next time (I promise to keep it shorter 🐿️)

Much love

Sarah 🖤

P.S.: I’d love to hear from you! Hit reply or send me an email at hello@inyx.me if you want to share your thoughts on any or all of the above!

P.P.S.: If you’re not a self-starter, need accountability, or help, start reaching out to people and building your support system. Without Kristina, the designer of the EOSTRE logo above, as my accountability partner, this newsletter wouldn’t have happened. We both struggle with overthinking and perfectionism and decided to collaborate on something for Spring Equinox to put ourselves out there. The idea of embracing dualism and reconciling the parts of us that seemingly don’t go together inspired her to make this badass logo, marrying her love for metal with the sugary sweet cupcake colors that her brand IndieCute is known for. I love this so much! Thank you, my dear Kristina 🌸 Give her a follow on Instagram!  

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